A Great State Deserves a Great Flag


Our flag today that flies over buildings throughout the state does not serve its purpose. A proper flag should have simple, yet meaningful symbols that are visible even from a distance. Our current flag has symbols that have deep meaning for Utahns, but they are invisible unless seen up close. The flag of Utah needs to be simplified by spotlighting simple shapes and symbols with only a few colors. That is why we are organizing an effort to create a new flag for the people of Utah. 


The Five Principles of Good Flag Design:

  • Keep It Simple. The flag should be so simple that a child can draw it from memory.

  • Use Meaningful Symbolism. The flag’s images, colors, or patterns should relate to what it symbolizes.

  • Use 2 or 3 Basic Colors. Limit the number of colors on the flag to three which contrast well and come from the standard color set.

  • No Lettering or Seals. Never use writing or organizational seals of any kind.

  • Be Distinctive or Be Related. Avoid duplicating other flags, but use similarities to show connections.

Source: North American Vexillological Association.


Zion Canyon photo courtesy of Chance Hammock.